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Restructuring Specialists

Turnaround Management

The foundation of every engagement is our initial assessment, a process designed to provide our clients with an objective overview of the company’s situation. We identify the severity of the crisis and formulate the short-term and long-term corrective actions needed to stabilize the situation and provide company stakeholders with alternatives to maximize asset value.

As turnaround specialists we know how to evaluate business plans as well as the management personnel who will implement the plan.  We know how to identify the critical implementation risks and opportunities. We help you get the quantative and qualitative picture of your investment and establish the appropriate direction of events.

Environmental and Technical

Financial Management

Limited Restructuring and Turnaround

  • Situation/crisis assessments
  • Provide interim crisis management
  • Assist in strategic planning
  • Assess short term cash flow and liquidity needs
  • Identification and valuation of underperforming assets
  • Develop strategies for asset divestitures
  • Liquidation/insolvency analysis
  • Manage communications to customers and suppliers
  • Analysis of staffing and resource utilization
  • Develop plans for departmental cost reductions
  • Negotiate debt reductions and improved terms

Restructuring Advisory

Bankruptcy Services

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning
  • Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) services
  • Chapter 11 reorganization management
  • Arrange/negotiate debtor in possession (DIP) financing
  • ensure Net Operating Loss (NOL) preservation
  • Development of Key Employee Retention Plans (KERP)
  • Negotiation and settlements with creditors and lenders
  • Analysis and collection of preference actions
  • Recovery of unearned premiums and deductibles
  • Distribution analysis and allocation methods
  • Bankruptcy claims administration
  • Chapter 7 liquidation and wind down management
  • Forensic accounting and research
  • Negotiate assignment of claims
  • Prepare schedule of assets and liabilities
  • Prepare court mandated Monthly Operating Reports
  • Provide depositions and attend mediations
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