LakeShore Global

Executive Services

Global Service List

Environmental and Technical

Transactional Support
• Mergers and Acquistion Support
Equity/debt financing assistance
• Capital structure formation
Bankruptcy and Turnaround
• Contract negotiation/review
Interim Support
• Chief Financial Officer
Chief Restructuring Officer
• Controller
• Financial Analyst
• Operations Management
Financial Analysis
Budgeting and Forecasting
• Sales metrics analysis
• Budget variance analysis
Financial modeling
• Recording services
• Transaction processing
Liquidity Management
Debt refinancing
• Tax planning
Negotiate lines of credit
• Cash flow forecast
• Covenant reporting models
Compliance Reporting
• 10K/10Q preparation
• CD&A advise and preparation
• S-1/ initial offerings
• FAS 123(R) calculations
• 409(A) option pricing
• Financial report preparation
Green-e Verification Protocol
Renewal Portfolio Standards
• Agreed Upon Procedures
GHG Emmissions Verification
Other Environmental Services
Process improvement
• Functional area reviews
• Workflow mapping
• Personnel evaluations
• Process Implementation
• Executive Recruiting
Corporate Strategies
Environmental stewardship
• Climate cost containment
• Impairment exposure
• Branding strategies
• Strategic tax positions
• Entrance/exit strategies
Information Technology
• Systems requirement analysis
Application integration
• Advanced spreadsheet modeling
Financial systems implementation
• Software development
Engineering Services
Emissions calculations
• Additionality testing
• Facility testing and design
• Technical troubleshooting
Environmental policy review
• Work flow processing

Financial Management

Restructuring Advisory

LakeShore Global
Austin, Texas
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