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Insurance Pemium and Collateral Recovery
High deductible or self insured plans commonly used by small to mid size labor intensive operations will often get overlooked during a restructuring.  Expensed premiums or collateral draws often will not show up on the balance sheet of an entity during a restructuring.  LakeShore understands the rules surrounding recovering these premiums. 
Verification Specialists
2010 is a turning point for the clean energy markets.  We now offer verification for renewable energy certificates, emissions, CO2, RINs, and Efficiency.    Our new cost structure can save you 50% or more on audit fees this year. Ask about our new reporting tool that is tailored to meet requirments for the  Green-e Energy Renewable Energy Credit Program.
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Austin, Texas
Managed Growth Services
Start ups and early stage companies often lose efficiency during rapid growth phases or as a result of crunch time on critical deliveries.  LakeShore can propose some ways to improve your efficiency that will result in higher profits and cash flows.  Ask us about cloud services and activity automation.  Activity based outsourcing can acheive economies of scale for some activities and proper utilization of technology can streamline routine tasks, allowing staff to focus on the issues critical to operational success.
Monetization and Financing Opportunities
If you or one of your client's have an  improvement projects in progress or recently completed, or you are contemplating a project, you should ask about an opportunity assesment.  You may have assets created by a sustainability program that can be monetized using our securitization services.  With acess to the capital markets, LakeShore can help to provide liquidity to your energy reduction or sustainability projects  Call us to learn more about how we can help you enhance your project return.
The Verification Experts
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